Saturday, 11 September 2010

Preparation is the key...

It's the time of year again to prepare for the next London MCM Expo at the Excel Centre link, 29th - 31st October. I thought I'd try and start early this time and save myself from all the drama the day before the show (which is usually the case...). The problem with starting early is that you don't really feel the need to rush and you end up working extremely slow, get distracted or in my case, just not really getting much done.

The cupcake necklaces usually sells really well so I've started to make those first. After 6 hours of kneading and shaping, my eye sight was starting to go so I decided it was time to take a break a bit of telly lol...

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cookie and Cream Ring

It's hard to decide whether to make jewellery or to watch the World Cup so I decided to do both at the same time. For obvious reasons it took me twice as long to make each ring but it was still worth while I think. I really enjoy taking my time when I'm making new stock etc but I don't think the girls that are waiting for them are very pleased...
I often get emails asking me how I make my jewellery, sometimes they are just curious and for some it's for their school projects or something. Most of my jewellery are made with polymer clay. I like this type of clay because I find that it gives the right texture for my jewellery and it also seems to be most hard wearing. For some pieces, it might take more than two to three bakings to achieve the desired effects.
For the Cookie and Cream ring, the cookie and the decorations have to be made seperately before they are added to the ring. I use a needle or a toothpick to shape the cookie, strawberry and the swirl biscuit and these are then added to the cream. I love using diamantes with my jewellery because it adds instant sparkle and cuteness to any designs. Another one of my favourites is white faux pearls which is also included in the Cookie and Cream ring.
Once the final touches have been made the cookie can then be stuck to the ring base. I prefer to epoxy glue as this seems to bond with clay very well and there's less chance of the cookie breaking off.
I'm hoping to design some new pieces in the next few weeks but as always, they will still be my usual sweet, cute , girlie jewellery that are just perfect for those with a sweet tooth like me :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Welcome home

After leaving my cat Poppy with my sister while I've been on holiday, its nice to finally have her back at home. The place feels so empty without her, I kind of expect to see her everytime I open any of the doors at home. It makes such a difference having her on my lap, purring and wanting cuddles. Its nice to think she's happy to see me at the end of each day. However, I think she's happiest when she's given those little Whiskas treats.

I've had Poppy for over 18 months now and I must say, I couldn't have asked for a more affectionate, lovable and sweet little cat. Apart from the scary few weeks at the beginning when she was quite ill, its been a really pleasure having her around. She's always curious about what I'm doing, eating and especially drinking. I can never leave a glass of water around without her drinking from it. It's no exception when I'm making jewellery, as you can see, she's always keen to help (or mess things up...)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Finally a blogger

After months of thinking 'I'll do that in a minute' I've finally managed to start my own blog. Previously started writing on MySpace but that never really took off, hopefully I'll be able to spend more time here from now on.

Keeping in theme of my sweet jewellery.... here is my daily dose of cupcake to relieve me of all kinds of stress experienced on a day to day basis....well, any excuse... :p

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