Monday, 7 February 2011


Its 2011!! One of my new year's resolution was to try and be a bit more proactive and work on my website and blog a bit more but similar to other things on my list, I've not really had a chance to do them until today! Well, better late than never!

To follow up from my previous post on the preparation for MCM Expo, the event was a huge success once again! It was great to see so many people I'd met at the previous events and the feedback on some of my new designs were also encouraging! I guess the hard work leading up to that weekend had paid off.
Some amazing outfits at the Expo this time and I have included some photos here. Many thanks to Lisa Pegg who kindly sent me some of her photos of the event as well!

I know I've said this a million times but I'm going to update my website as well. There really isn't any point in having a website when 90% of the stuff are sold out! Some new photos and products will be added to the site in the next few weeks!

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