Monday, 13 June 2011

Post holiday depression...

Last Saturday was the LED festival in Victoria Park, London. The event was absolutely amazing apart from having to queue an hour for the bar! The set by Deadmau5 was immense and it took me 2 days to recover from the epic night which was followed by more drinks down Bricklane!! Here's a photo of me and a wannabe Mau5 Man :pIt's been nearly a week since I've been back from my 3 weeks holiday and needless to say I'm still struggling to fit back into my usual routine of daily commute and work... Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could just stay at home everyday and just make jewellery?

My holiday was fun and it was just so relaxing but no rest for the wicked, I've just booked a table for the Comic Con on 9-10th July at Earl's Court! This will be my first Comic Con and I'm really hoping its gonna be lots of fun! For more info please check out their website

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