Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Products for the Summer!

It feels great to have at last added some new products onto the site, it has taken me a long time but better late than never! Some of these products were sold at the MCM Expo and also at the Comic Con, the feedback I got from customers were really good so I thought I'd try and upload these ones first! I think my favourite design from the new range has got to be the gingerbread houses! I think they go pretty well with the gingerbread men!

A few years ago I went to Tokyo every 2 years for around 6 years, its sad that I have not been there for 3 years now and it's even more upsetting to see my mother going without me :( I'm seriously hoping she'll get me something nice during her trip :) Being stuck here with not-so-nice weather and silly looters in London probably were definitely not part of my plan for the Summer!

Work has already begun on a new range of jewellery that I'm testing out, hopefully they'll be ready for unveiling soon! I'm so excited already and I'm tempted to just show the new designs right here right now! But then again, it's also nice to have the anticipation... hehe... All will be revealed soon I promise! xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My favourite choccies!

The weather was so nice over the weekend, shame about it being a bit wet this morning! Had a busy day at work, then went to the gym for the first time in a year and nothing beats coming home to a sushi dinner! The best thing though is a bag of my favourite peanut butter M&M's!!!! Thanks to my friend who got it for me from (i think) Cyber Candy! I really think supermarkets should start stocking this amazing tasting chocolate! The chocolate just goes perfectly with the peanut butter! Well, I think I've done pretty well in actually taking a picture before emptying the whole pack!

Since the weather has been so warm, I've had new ideas for my line of jewellery. There is nothing better than a serving of ice-cream in this heat! And yes, I have ice-cream sundaes in my designs already but I do have a new idea for it which I will try later in the week. Will see how it goes and updates will be posted! So excited already! :D x