Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alice in Wonderland Jewellery

It's been over a week since my sushi making sweetie set and I've finally found some time to upload some of my new designs onto the website! The Alice in Wonderland inspired range was well received at the MCM Expo back in October and I've desperately wanted to put them onto the site but work has been mad so I've not been able to do so until now.

The Alice in Wonderland range is as its name suggests a line of new designs with cupcakes and cookies with details inspired by the classic story. I've designed some cupcake necklaces with the White Rabbit and 'I'm late!' clock. I also made a few that are with the playing cards.

The cookies are decorated with either pastel pink or green clay that looks like icing! The message 'Eat Me' was hand written and just like my other designs the cookies are handmade by me! Size of the cookies are similar to proper cookies and they look just like the real thing!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The amazing DIY sushi candy set !

The box and its contents
Water is added to the sweet powder to form a paste

Squeezing the spaghetti out of the piper bag


For Valentine's day this year I received a cute little sweetie set instead of the conventional chocolates, I really can't believe I've waited this long to open it though!
My boyfriend had bought it from Cybercandy along with some other really cute biscuits and sweeties!

The box along is sweet enough to eat! It's so colourful and it also has all the instructions on the back of the box. The set is for making a set lunch of rice balls, spaghetti and mushroom etc but all made from sweet powders!
Each piece of 'food' is made from different sachets of powder which smells incredibly sweet. They are all colour coded so it's not a problem even though I cannot ready the Japanese text!

I had so much fun making it for roughly 30 minutes but only took me a minute or two to eat the whole thing! lol! I've taking some photos to illustrate the steps it took to be completed!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Expo again!

It's been a long time since I last wrote, reason being I was busy with a charity cake sale and preparing for Expo which happened last weekend. It was as usual a fun filled weekend with new games, movies and cosplay! The array of costumes were so impressive, they must have spent hours to produce each of those outfits!

My new designs which were inspired by Alice in Wonderland were completed end of last week. The range includes mini teacups with hot chocolate and cream, rabbit cupcakes with pretty bows, 'Eat Me' cookies and 'Drink Me' glitter bottles. These pendants are all presented as necklaces apart from a rabbit and cream ring. I have still to upload these new designs onto my website, I wanted to see what the reaction was at Expo first and it was definitely much better than I had anticipated! All the girls (a few guys as well!) seemed to love my new designs and they gave me loads of praise and encouragement! The most popular were the teacups and the rabbit cupcakes!

The down side to having the Expo on the same weekend as Halloween is that there was no chance for some sleep after the party on Saturday. We chose to dress up as zombie school children with matching skirts, ties etc. It's been a while since I've done fancy dress and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I just loved the way people stare at you and then later realise that it's Halloween!