Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alice in Wonderland Jewellery

It's been over a week since my sushi making sweetie set and I've finally found some time to upload some of my new designs onto the website! The Alice in Wonderland inspired range was well received at the MCM Expo back in October and I've desperately wanted to put them onto the site but work has been mad so I've not been able to do so until now.

The Alice in Wonderland range is as its name suggests a line of new designs with cupcakes and cookies with details inspired by the classic story. I've designed some cupcake necklaces with the White Rabbit and 'I'm late!' clock. I also made a few that are with the playing cards.

The cookies are decorated with either pastel pink or green clay that looks like icing! The message 'Eat Me' was hand written and just like my other designs the cookies are handmade by me! Size of the cookies are similar to proper cookies and they look just like the real thing!