Thursday, 9 February 2012

One more day to go!

It's as usual that I'm frantically trying to get everything ready for the London Anime Con this Saturday! My plans of making jewellery every week so that I won't have to rush last minute never seems to happen. I guess I still have tonight and tomorrow night to get organised!

In view of the lack of time etc, I'm quite proud of myself that I was able to find time to make a new design ;) Valentine's day is next week so I thought I'll make something with hearts (cheesy i know...) and after some tough decisions I decided some Jammie Dodgers might be quite cute as its not the usual Valentine's gift of bright pink/ huge glittery hearts/ 'I love you' jewellery. I think its more subtle but still keeping with the cute and sweet theme! These biscuits were really fun to made and I've decorated each of them with a clear and a pink diamante (well, I wanted to jazz it up a bit!). I've also made a few rings as well and I think they are just adorable! Well, its hard not to be biased and think most of my handmade jewellery look good enough to eat!

I'll be selling these at the London Anime Con Do pop by and say hi if you are able to come along!

Next week I'm gonna post the highlights of my recent Paris trip, some amazing looking cakes and macaroons there! Real ones and not jewellery, I promise ;)


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