Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's all about macaroons

I really cannot believe its been such a long time since my last post!  Some new items have been listed on my website after my trip to Paris and I haven't even had a chance to write about them yet!  The little cakes and patisseries from my trip were definitely an inspiration for some pastel colours.

I know I have already mentioned how amazing those macaroons from Pierre Herme were but the soft, gooey centres were just heavenly.  I have created some new macaroon necklaces and earrings, these are slightly different to my old designs which were quite heavy and chunky.  The new designs are slightly smaller and have that crisp, delicate look that is similar to the real macaroons! I've decorated each of them with some fake chocolate sprinkles and sandwiched 2 sides with some fake cream.  The earrings are exactly the same as the necklaces but just smaller.

For my birthday this year I got some macaroons from Laduree which were very tasty indeed and absolutely amazing just to look at!  I think my clay macaroons are fairly cute and sweet looking, just like the real ones. what do you think? ;) xx

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