Monday, 16 July 2012

Loli-POP at the Victoria and Albert Museum!

It's quite exciting at the moment as I've been invited to do a workshop at the Loli-POP event which is happening on the 31st August the Victoria and Albert Museum in London!! This is part of their exhibition Kitty and the Bulldog: Lolita fashion and the influence of Britain.  The evening event will showcase Lolita fashion and the unique street style of Japan.  Be prepared for all the pink, lace, frills and the doll-like make up!

I haven't got all the details just yet for my workshop but the plan is for me to host free workshops for people to try and make some miniature food for themselves! All the clays and equipment will be provided by the team at the V&A Museum and i'll be there with some helpers, showing you how to make the tiny cakes!  I think there'll be a booking system of some kind but i'll post more info here again!  For now, check out their article

They also have a Facebook events page, please invite your friends to come along too! :)!/events/247112262055993/

                                             Picture courtesy of Loli-POP Event site, V&A Museum

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