Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trip to Osaka and Kyoto

October was a great time to travel to Osaka. The sunshine was amazing and definitely a nice change from the dreary weather in London! I've been to Tokyo many times but never to Osaka. The city is busy but slightly less hectic compared to Tokyo. It was also easy to travel from Osaka to other places such as Kyoto which was beautiful and serene. The Universal Studio in Osaka was a lot of fun and has the most lively atmosphere!

As usual the shopping was amazing but I spent a little more time on sight seeing and also trying out the amazing food there. The Kinkaku-Ji is a must see if you are in Kyoto. The temple is literally covered in gold leaves and its definitely one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen! The cake shops are obviously cute and everything looks absolutely delicious but I particularly enjoyed the green tea desserts and ice-creams on offer! The table BBQ was also fun and the best thing was that it was an all-you-can-eat! I'm definitely having sushi withdrawal since returning to London and the restaurants here are just not the same!

The craft shopping was like heaven to me. Tokyu Hands was great for finding the latest DIY materials and there was also a huge craft store in Umeda which has all kinds of crafty stuff you can ever imagine! I've got loads of new materials so will be experimenting with them very soon.

Here are some pics from my trip :) xx

Osaka Castle

The Glico Man neon sign in Shisaibasu

Cute popcorn stand at the Universal Studio

Kitty buns! not sure what's inside though

Entrance of a temple near the market in Kyoto

Shop selling traditional rice crackers

Clear water temple

Old shops and houses in Kyoto
Cute Totoro shop
These doughnuts are too cute to eat! 
Tasty green tea jelly dessert

Green tea ice-cream sundae

The beautiful Kinkaku-Ji

Scenery from the little train to the bamboo forest

The amazing bamboo forest

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