Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014

The Hyper Japan Christmas market has sadly come to an end, the weekend was tiring but was filled with so much fun! The preparation for the event took up a lot of my evenings and weekends but it was so worthwhile! As well as the amazing shopping and delicious array of food, there were many beautiful costumes and lovely people around. The 3 days were ever so busy from the moment they open the doors to the very last minute of the day. A lot of people were in costumes or lolita dresses and there were also those who admired the beautiful outfits.

I shared a stall with the talented Charlene of the Chateau des Gateaux and we were exhibiting as Chateau de Meow! Our lovely neighbours were Miyabi and Ahida Agirre and it was so nice to have had a few days of chitchat whilst selling our handmade goodies. We had over estimated the size of our table but we still managed to fit all our items onto the table which was lined with the adorable table cloth Charlene had designed and printed herself! I was lucky enough to have the chance to try on all her different handmade amazing headdresses everyday!

Both our items sold really well at Hyper Japan and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited our stall! We really appreciate all your nice comments and suggestions so that we can review our collections and make them even more adorable! My best selling collection had to be the glass globe necklaces and earrings. The snow globe jewellery sold out before I could even take photos of them! Oh well, I'll just have to make some more! ;)

Here are a few snaps of the HJ weekend:

Cute meow meow cookies!

Super cute macaroons

Lolita fashion show

The Miyabi stall with all the cute little ceramic charms

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Less than 2 weeks to go!

We are getting closer to the big weekend at Olympia, London! Charlene and I will both be at Hyper Japan the whole eekend 14-16th Nov so do make sure you come down and say hello as well as check out some of our new super cute products! We will have (of course) the delicious looking mini food jewellery, vintage inspired hair accessories as well as other new items! I will be featuring a special offer as well which I will be announcing next week! Thought I'd keep that as a little surprise for closer to the event! ;)
Very excited about the weekend! Need to crack on with making more cute items! 
Here's a map on how to find us on the day! (will try and be more specific once we find out more info!)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hyper Japan Christmas Market!

I can finally confirm our table at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market this year! Myself and the lovely Charlene have decided to sell our handmade products at this fun and unique event on November 14-16th at Olympia, London. We will be selling my usual miniature food jewellery and Charlene's vintage style flower headdresses and hair clips. There will also be cross over items too! Our exhibiting name is Chateau De Meow! Its from both our names: Meow Box and Chateau de Gateaux!

Come along for a fun day out and spoil yourself with Japanese food and culture! There will be plenty of Japanese fashion and music throughout the show and endless shopping opportunities! Make sure you come along and say hi as well! We don't yet have a location for our table but hopefully we will find out soon! Click on the picture below for the Hyper Japan Website for more details of the event! x

Monday, 22 September 2014

All things ice-cream

I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like ice-cream and I thought a post about ice-cream could be fun and delicious for the weekend! The only twist to it is that non of these ice-cream items are actually ice-cream! Right, you'll understand if you read on!

If I could only have 1 dessert from now on it will definitely be ice-cream! Any type of ice-cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt etc etc. Now, a few of these fun items I have here are edible and others are not but they look amazing and cute! Just click on the photos for the link to the relevant posts!

Printable ice-creams
First up on the list are the paper delicious ice-cream cones and lollies that come straight from your printer! These are easy to make and are fun for kids and adults alike! All you need are paper, a printer, scissors, lolly sticks and some glue!

Ruffle ice-cream cones
These ruffle ice-cream cones make wonderful decorations for any room! I love the pastel colours that they've used and I can imagine these for parties or weddings. They are probably a little bit difficult for kids to make but they are gorgeous none the less!

Shaving cream made fun!
One of the easiest to make from the list and the best thing is that you can most probably find all the items you need to make this cute ice-cream art at home! Perfect for children to decorate their own ice-cream cone and once it's dried over night the cream is puffy to touch! You can also try cutting up small bits of paper in shape of the chocolate chip/ strawberries and add them onto the cream!

Ice-cream cone cupcakes
Definitely my favourite of all the edible ice-cream items on this list as its easy to make and looks super cute! These look adorable for parties and you can decorate them with different kinds of fruit or sprinkles! Try using different colour icing too!

Sundae cupcakes
More cute individual servings of ice-cream lookalike cupcakes! Great for a movie night in and you can have great fun adding different toppings including chocolate sauce, sprinkles, popping candy and the list goes on!

Cute overload ice-cream cone cake
Probably the hardest cake on the list to make but it looks absolutely amazing! Definitely need a bit of patience to make the cake and you will also need to get your hands on those tiny ice-cream cones as well!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New photos for Meow Box items

I recent did a blog post about my trip to Venice and wrote about how amazing the shopping for handmade items was. Amongst all the wonderful things we saw, there was a really cute book shop that we visited on our first day there. Its in the Castello area, not far from San Marco. This lovely book shop Libreria Acqua Alta literally has books piled up to the ceiling and even outside of the shop. You definitely have to have a little patience when going through the many stacks of books including the ones inside the gondola that sits right in the middle of the shop!

For taking new photographs for my jewellery I wanted to use an antique book as a display so I went in search for one in the children books section. I was hoping to find an old copy of Alice in Wonderland or something similar and in the end I was happy with this cute little red book that I found. Hopefully some day I will know what it's about as its all in Italian!

The back of the shop also has a fire exit which indicates that in an emergency the way out involves swimming in the canal! haha! They have a little terrace area at the back and there is a staircase made out of old books! Take a walk up to the top of the staircase and you'll see a beautiful canal and the back of old Venetian buildings. There are many cats roaming around the shop, they seem friendly enough and appear to enjoy sitting on top of the books or using them for a nap!

A few photos have been taken using the book I bought and I think they look quite good and compliments the style of jewellery: Vintage and one of a kind! I've taken the photos in natural day light and I think the results are often much better than using studio lighting which can often look bland and pale. Personally I quite like them and I'm going to find other ways to take more interesting pictures for my designs! x

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Glass globe ring with pastel miniature donuts

As part of my Alice in Wonderland Inspired: Through the Looking Glass Globe range, I've handmade the White Rabbit necklace and also the Eat Me Cupcake ring which is also available in a necklace. The third design I made for this range is the mini donuts with sprinkles. I know I've previously written about getting these designs done for the Crafty Fox Market but I've had such positive feedback with this range that I just had to write another post about them!

The idea came from my love for all things miniature including snow globes and shadow boxes. I wanted to make a mini version that is pretty and elegant enough to be worn as jewellery. Each glass globe ring contains tiny pastel colour donuts and tiny sprinkles. This ring is slightly different to the rabbit and cupcake glass globes in that the miniatures are not fixed and are free to move around within the glass. I wanted to create a snow globe effect but with sprinkles!

So what's the verdict? cute enough for Meow Box?
The Glass Globe Range

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lovely trip to Venice again!

A weekend away on the August bank holiday sounded like a great idea but with sky high prices it took me quite a while to find a good deal! We flew with BA again and luckily it was problem free for once!

Still in love with the location and service of our hotel LaGare M Gallery on the Murano Island. They provide a handy free shuttle to and from the hotel and the building still retains much of its original features. 

We missed the opening times for Vittorio Costantini on our previous trip so we were extremely excited about visiting his studio on this trip! Once your in his shop/ studio you will find yourself surrounded by his amazing glass work including birds, butterflies, beetles and sea creatures. Each piece is painstakingly mastered using different coloured glass and the iridescent colours make them extremely life like. Unfortunately we did not get the beetle which was my favourite but with a price tag of 300 Euros it was a bit over my budget! We settled for a beautiful dragonfly instead and I'm very happy with my purchase! I'm definitely going to save up and get more pieces on my next trip to Venice!

As well as glass work, Venice also has many traditional stationery and printing shops and I just cannot get enough of them! They stock everything that you can ever use paper to make ranging from postcards, posters, book marks to larger items such as pen holders, storage trays and folders/ holders. Most of the printing shops also stock their own designed stamps and ink pads. I got my self a couple of stamps and an ink pad from Il Pavone for my new designs!

Dotted around Venice especially in the squares are some very talented artists selling their artwork. Most of artists use the beautiful sceneries of Venice for their work. I came across an artist named Marco whose work I fell in love with the moment I saw it. He uses only a black charcoal for his black and white drawings!

On our final day we went back to Burano as we loved it when we visited on our last trip. The colourful houses makes this island so unique and magical. Every house seems like something out of a postcard and its nice to see the locals going about their day on the island. If you ever visit Venice I would highly recommend taking the 40 minute boat journey to this lovely island. We cannot wait to go back to Venice, I can never get bored of the venetian masks and paper products! Hopefully we'll be able to go there again in the near future! Meow Box x

Artist Marco with 40 years experience in drawings of Venice

My drawing by Marco!

You can never get tired of the view of the Grand Canal

some miniatures in a venetian paper art shop

lovely miniature desk

We bought this amazing glass dragonfly!

Other glass wildlife by Vittorio Constantini

View from the Rialto Bridge

The beautiful Burano houses

Miniature magnets seen on the Burano Island