Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mini Rainbow Cake

So this weekend I decided to make some rainbow cakes to add a bit of colour to my collection. Continuing with the theme of whole cakes and slices of them, I've made some mini cakes using polymer clay which is my staple material. The round cakes (well, without a couple of slices!) each has 6 different colours including pink, red, orange yellow, green and purple. After stacking all the different coloured 'sponge' layers the cakes were then baked before they were frosted and decorated with sprinkles.

I also made a few slices with only 5 layers of 'sponge', these I'm planning to turn into rings. There are little heart shaped cookies as well. More pictures to follow once they are done.

I'm planning to use the round cake pendants for necklaces and the slices as earrings. They would look really cute as a set I think. What do you guys think?? :) xx

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