Wednesday, 12 February 2014

DIY Japanese washi tape phone case

Just received my new phone and wanted to make a pretty phone case for it so I used some of the washi tapes I got when I went to Osaka end of last year. It's so simple to make and only takes a few minutes! I got some gorgeous MT washi tapes and also a Moomin one! You can get washi tapes from ebay and other craft stores but I would recommend you spend a little bit more on it as the quality is much better. I think the MT ones are the best and a small tape goes a long way so it's enough for loads of crafty projects! I absolutely love my new phone case and hope you guys will have fun making your own! :) x

What you'll need...

  • a phone case
  • some washi tapes
  • a craft knife (please be careful not to cut yourself!)
and that's it! its easy peasy!

A light colour phone case because otherwise the colour may show through the tape if its light in colour

I started doing the bottom in a straight line but you can stick it diagonally or pretty much anyway you prefer

Keep adding different tapes, make sure its long enough on both sides to wrap around the sides and tuck into the inside of the back

Use a craft knife to cut the holes where the buttons and cameras are

Voila! A pretty phone case :)

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