Thursday, 27 March 2014

The sweetest Kilner jars

So I bought a couple of Kilner jars recently because I thought they would be perfect for storing some of my jewellery bits. I used polymer clay to make some strawberry shortcakes, cherries and strawberries and stacked them together using fake whipped cream. These were then used to decorate the jar lids along with some more cream and faux pearls as well as some colourful sprinkles! I added a lace ribbon to add more cuteness to the jars :)

I love how the blue and white squares contrast with the pink strawberry shortcakes but I really wish I can get some Kilner jars with red and white squares on the lids! I've got more ideas for other lovely decorations so keep a look out for even more cute jars! :D xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

It's got to be Pancake day!

It's pancake day today! Here's my mini stack of pancakes with butter and syrup for this special day when we are allowed to eat as many pancakes as we like! :) Handmade using polymer clay and pictured here with some dollhouse miniature plate and fork as well as my other designs. We'll be having cheese and ham as well as banana and Nutella for dinner tonight! Can't go wrong with either of these! xx

Stack of pancakes with butter and syrup

Pancakes, creme caramel and pastries