Sunday, 25 May 2014

Display at the V & A museum shop

I was recently commissioned to make some mini cakes for the shop at the V & A museum in London! After the successful and fun Friday Late event there a few years ago where I did workshops for over 80 people, it was great to work for them once again! The lovely Charlene asked for a variety of cakes including cupcakes, Jammie Dodgers, Party Rings and macaroons. The difference for this project is that they wanted clay cakes but in real sizes! As you know I usually make miniature versions but it was great fun to create exact copies of the actual cakes!

I started the project with the cupcakes and made some of the decorations first. I loved making these cupcakes as it's just the same as when I bake real ones! The down side of it was that I couldn't taste any of it! The Jammie Dodgers are similar to my miniature ones but I decorated the jam with glitter to jazz them up a little. After all, it is for their summer display! 

It's been a long time since I've had Party Rings so it was an excuse for me to eat loads of them while trying to replicate them! The icing was a lot more difficult to make than I had envisaged but in the end I think they've turned out fairly good. I left the macaroons to the last on my list as I wanted to visit my favourite macaroon shop Pierre Herme before I made them. Any excuse right?

The project took longer than I had planned but I had a great time creating all the little cakes and I cannot wait to go to the V & A to see it for myself! If you are visiting the museum then don't forget to check out their shop and the summer display with my clay cakes! x

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The long awaited trip to the beautiful Venice

Finally get to write about my birthday trip to the beautiful city that is Venice. I've always had this city high on my list of places to visit and this year we finally booked this lovely trip!

The city is only a short flight from London and its as beautiful in real life as all the photos i've ever seen. We stayed at the LaGare Hotel on the lovely Murano island which is famous for all the amazing glass work produced by local artists. The island is only a short ferry ride to the main island of Venice and is also only 30minutes away from the lovely Burano Island.

I expected to see lots of intricate Venetian masks and was not disappointed during our trip. What I was surprised to see was the vast amount of local printers and stationers along with their quality handmade artwork and books. I couldn't resist buying a few of the poster prints at Tipografia in Campo S.Maria. You can check out some of their work on their blog. I absolutely loved the fact that most of these printers and other artists including masks makers have their workshops literally inside their shop. Its great to see exactly where all these handmade (or hand printed) items are actually made!

As well as all the shopping of masks, stationery, posters and italian leather shoes there was also a lot of delicious italian food in the city. Although many restaurants were expensive and looked like tourist traps, there were enough reasonably priced trattorias to keep our tummies full and satisfied! There must be millions of gelato places in Venice as we were eating these non stop! We loved the traditional gelatos but we also fell in love with the Stick House's gelato on sticks!

Travelling around Venice using the Vaporetto was fun but it did take us a while to figure out exactly where we were travelling to and which direction we were headed! There's a lot to explore in Venice including all the alleys and canals all over the city. There's a perfect photo spot every corner you turn. I cannot wait to visit this magical city again x

Grand Canal

Cute glass cakes and sweets

Glass work at Murano


Night view from Rialto bridge

Beautiful Burano


Stick house gelato sticks

Venetian masks