Sunday, 25 May 2014

Display at the V & A museum shop

I was recently commissioned to make some mini cakes for the shop at the V & A museum in London! After the successful and fun Friday Late event there a few years ago where I did workshops for over 80 people, it was great to work for them once again! The lovely Charlene asked for a variety of cakes including cupcakes, Jammie Dodgers, Party Rings and macaroons. The difference for this project is that they wanted clay cakes but in real sizes! As you know I usually make miniature versions but it was great fun to create exact copies of the actual cakes!

I started the project with the cupcakes and made some of the decorations first. I loved making these cupcakes as it's just the same as when I bake real ones! The down side of it was that I couldn't taste any of it! The Jammie Dodgers are similar to my miniature ones but I decorated the jam with glitter to jazz them up a little. After all, it is for their summer display! 

It's been a long time since I've had Party Rings so it was an excuse for me to eat loads of them while trying to replicate them! The icing was a lot more difficult to make than I had envisaged but in the end I think they've turned out fairly good. I left the macaroons to the last on my list as I wanted to visit my favourite macaroon shop Pierre Herme before I made them. Any excuse right?

The project took longer than I had planned but I had a great time creating all the little cakes and I cannot wait to go to the V & A to see it for myself! If you are visiting the museum then don't forget to check out their shop and the summer display with my clay cakes! x

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