Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Miniature Gingerbread house tutorial

It's been a while since I last posted a tutorial so here's one on making a miniature gingerbread house! This is not the easiest miniature food to make but the end product is really cute and I absolutely love it! Just need a little bit of patience and time to get it right! The finished product is on my site Meow Box :)

First you will need to plan the size of the house and draw on a piece of paper the exact sizes of the walls, roof etc. After cutting up the paper walls lay them on a piece of rolled out clay and cut to size. I used polymer clay but you can also use air drying ones if you prefer. Once you have all your walls etc then you need to assemble them. I used a pin to smooth out edges as needed. If you use polymer clay then bake in the over to harden it. After that its the fun part where you get to decorate your house!

I used some small pieces of clay to make the doors, windows etc. The tiles on the roof were drawn on using different colour paint and liquid clay. You can also add glitter and other materials but I prefer to keep my houses looking like the real thing ;) I used a cocktail stick to paint the lines and dots but you can also use a small brush. After the paint has dried then you need to glaze the lines etc to make it look shiny. Voila, you have your mini gingerbread house! I hope you enjoy making your own one, please check out my website for ones I've already made :) x 

Gingerbread house necklace tutorial miniature food jewellery meow box
Putting the walls up

Gingerbread house necklace tutorial miniature food jewellery meow box
Decorating the houses!

Gingerbread house necklace miniature food jewellery meow box
Finished product after hours of patience!
Gingerbread house necklace miniature food jewellery meow box

Gingerbread house necklace miniature food jewellery meow box

Monday, 28 July 2014

Super fun Hyper Japan Summer 2014

Been wanting to go to Hyper Japan for ages and finally got a chance to visit the great event in Earl's Court at the weekend. There was plenty of shows and displays going on throughout the morning to keep everyone entertained. And most importantly, there were more than enough food stalls with tasty Japanese foods as well as kawaii crafts and accessories available from vendors. I couldn't resist but bought myself a few magazines, snacks and even my first ever bonsai!

I was really impressed with the layout of the event, there wasn't a mad rush of people and you can walk around the venue freely which felt amazing and allowed us to truly enjoy our day! Im really looking forward to the next event already! who knows, I might even try and apply for a table so I can combine even more shopping with showcasing some of my miniature foods ;) Meow Box x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Trip to the beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand

June was a bit of a crazy month for us with work and also holidays. We started out with a trip to the beautiful Koh Samui where our friends were getting married as they had met there few years back! I'd been to Thailand a few times previously but never to Koh Samui and I fell in love with the simple life style and the freshness of the island. There were plenty of palm trees, coconuts, lovely beaches, amazing fresh food and most of all the most friendly people you can ever meet.

We had a bit of problem with our luggage as British Airways had not transferred them onto the flight, needless to say we were not very happy (especially me!) and had to waste lots of time buying essentials rather than sitting on the beach! Anyway, they finally delivered our luggage a few days later but it was after the wedding and the nice dress I picked out still has the tag on to this day!

However, the hotel we stayed at The Kala Samui made up for all the stress that we experienced. The staff were so helpful and called the airline for us daily. Nothing was ever too much of a problem for them and they were always more than happy to help. 

Every room in the hotel has sea view and we were lucky to have a corner room so our view was even better! Our room was modern but still as thai accents in the decor with all the woods and the room key even has a monkey on it! The food served at the hotel was delicious and prices were very reasonable. I loved having watermelon every day with my breakfast! 

We did an island trip with the hotel and enjoyed it a lot. It was great to see the waterfall, Big Buddha and other beautiful temples around the island. We saw the elephant trekking near the waterfall but did not go on it because we felt sorry for the elephants as they were all shackled :(  

Koh Samui is full life with lots of activities such as diving, snorkling, trekking, partying etc but at the same time very relaxed and laid back. We enjoyed every moment of our stay at Kala and cannot wait to go back!

After the gorgeous wedding of our friends a big group of us travelled to Koh Phangan to continued the celebration. We stayed at the Kupu Kupu Phangan which was away from the crowd in Haad Rin where the Full Moon Party was held. I'd expected the party to be just on the beach with a stage like a normal music festival but actually its the whole town coming alive with parties everywhere! It was a lot of fun but we were glad to be staying a little further as it was pretty noisy!

We had a sea view villa at the Kupu Kupu and enjoyed the tranquilness every minute we were there. The villa is built using wood and looked perfect in the area as it was full of coconut and palm trees. As its in the tropics there were lots of wildlife such as birds, butterflies and you can here the crickets in the evening. The private beach is not really suitable for swimming, the water is not very clear but the view is amazing there is a great pool and lots of lounges around the hotel. They even have lounges in water! 

We saw probably thousands of butterflies and dragon flies during our trip in Thailand and we are missing everything about it terribly. Think I'll need to find myself a nice Thai restaurant in London so I don't feel so sad!

Infinity Pool at Kala
View from our room 
Lovely breakfast 
The monkey key ring with coconut for housekeeping

Baby elephant at the trekking

Leading up to Big Buddha
Big Buddha

Pool area of Kupu Kupu
Our villa at Kupu Kupu
The beach at Kupu Kupu