Monday, 28 July 2014

Super fun Hyper Japan Summer 2014

Been wanting to go to Hyper Japan for ages and finally got a chance to visit the great event in Earl's Court at the weekend. There was plenty of shows and displays going on throughout the morning to keep everyone entertained. And most importantly, there were more than enough food stalls with tasty Japanese foods as well as kawaii crafts and accessories available from vendors. I couldn't resist but bought myself a few magazines, snacks and even my first ever bonsai!

I was really impressed with the layout of the event, there wasn't a mad rush of people and you can walk around the venue freely which felt amazing and allowed us to truly enjoy our day! Im really looking forward to the next event already! who knows, I might even try and apply for a table so I can combine even more shopping with showcasing some of my miniature foods ;) Meow Box x

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