Monday, 22 September 2014

All things ice-cream

I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like ice-cream and I thought a post about ice-cream could be fun and delicious for the weekend! The only twist to it is that non of these ice-cream items are actually ice-cream! Right, you'll understand if you read on!

If I could only have 1 dessert from now on it will definitely be ice-cream! Any type of ice-cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt etc etc. Now, a few of these fun items I have here are edible and others are not but they look amazing and cute! Just click on the photos for the link to the relevant posts!

Printable ice-creams
First up on the list are the paper delicious ice-cream cones and lollies that come straight from your printer! These are easy to make and are fun for kids and adults alike! All you need are paper, a printer, scissors, lolly sticks and some glue!

Ruffle ice-cream cones
These ruffle ice-cream cones make wonderful decorations for any room! I love the pastel colours that they've used and I can imagine these for parties or weddings. They are probably a little bit difficult for kids to make but they are gorgeous none the less!

Shaving cream made fun!
One of the easiest to make from the list and the best thing is that you can most probably find all the items you need to make this cute ice-cream art at home! Perfect for children to decorate their own ice-cream cone and once it's dried over night the cream is puffy to touch! You can also try cutting up small bits of paper in shape of the chocolate chip/ strawberries and add them onto the cream!

Ice-cream cone cupcakes
Definitely my favourite of all the edible ice-cream items on this list as its easy to make and looks super cute! These look adorable for parties and you can decorate them with different kinds of fruit or sprinkles! Try using different colour icing too!

Sundae cupcakes
More cute individual servings of ice-cream lookalike cupcakes! Great for a movie night in and you can have great fun adding different toppings including chocolate sauce, sprinkles, popping candy and the list goes on!

Cute overload ice-cream cone cake
Probably the hardest cake on the list to make but it looks absolutely amazing! Definitely need a bit of patience to make the cake and you will also need to get your hands on those tiny ice-cream cones as well!

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