Saturday, 13 September 2014

Glass globe ring with pastel miniature donuts

As part of my Alice in Wonderland Inspired: Through the Looking Glass Globe range, I've handmade the White Rabbit necklace and also the Eat Me Cupcake ring which is also available in a necklace. The third design I made for this range is the mini donuts with sprinkles. I know I've previously written about getting these designs done for the Crafty Fox Market but I've had such positive feedback with this range that I just had to write another post about them!

The idea came from my love for all things miniature including snow globes and shadow boxes. I wanted to make a mini version that is pretty and elegant enough to be worn as jewellery. Each glass globe ring contains tiny pastel colour donuts and tiny sprinkles. This ring is slightly different to the rabbit and cupcake glass globes in that the miniatures are not fixed and are free to move around within the glass. I wanted to create a snow globe effect but with sprinkles!

So what's the verdict? cute enough for Meow Box?
The Glass Globe Range

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