Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New photos for Meow Box items

I recent did a blog post about my trip to Venice and wrote about how amazing the shopping for handmade items was. Amongst all the wonderful things we saw, there was a really cute book shop that we visited on our first day there. Its in the Castello area, not far from San Marco. This lovely book shop Libreria Acqua Alta literally has books piled up to the ceiling and even outside of the shop. You definitely have to have a little patience when going through the many stacks of books including the ones inside the gondola that sits right in the middle of the shop!

For taking new photographs for my jewellery I wanted to use an antique book as a display so I went in search for one in the children books section. I was hoping to find an old copy of Alice in Wonderland or something similar and in the end I was happy with this cute little red book that I found. Hopefully some day I will know what it's about as its all in Italian!

The back of the shop also has a fire exit which indicates that in an emergency the way out involves swimming in the canal! haha! They have a little terrace area at the back and there is a staircase made out of old books! Take a walk up to the top of the staircase and you'll see a beautiful canal and the back of old Venetian buildings. There are many cats roaming around the shop, they seem friendly enough and appear to enjoy sitting on top of the books or using them for a nap!

A few photos have been taken using the book I bought and I think they look quite good and compliments the style of jewellery: Vintage and one of a kind! I've taken the photos in natural day light and I think the results are often much better than using studio lighting which can often look bland and pale. Personally I quite like them and I'm going to find other ways to take more interesting pictures for my designs! x

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