Monday, 19 January 2015

Miniature Japanese shop

During my trip to Osaka I bought a kit for making a miniature Japanese store. The kit included most of the materials  needed to construct the store including lots of paper, polystyrene, wood etc. I must say that deciphering the Japanese instructions took quite a while but it was all worth it! 

The small packets of food took a long time to make as you have to get the measurements exactly right otherwise they just don't work. It has taken me a few days to finish this little miniature project but it was a lot of fun! As well as this store with sweets and chocolates they also have other Japanese shops and houses available including a takoyaki stall and a tofu shop! Will definitely be getting a few more when i'm next in Japan! :D x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year = A giveaway!

It's a brand new year! Yay! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Shame it's all over so quickly eh?! So how about a giveaway to help beat the January blues?!

For your chance to win this super cute white rabbit glass globe necklace that is part of my Alice in Wonderland inspired range, simply comment below any post to say you'd like to be entered into the competition AND do one or all of the following!

- Follow me on this blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
- Retweet, Regram, post comments
- Share my accounts with your friends and invite them to join (let me know when you've shared it)
- Post a photo of you with my jewellery

Each action will mean you an extra entry into the giveaway so the more accounts you follow and the more times you share my tweets, regrams etc, the better your chances of winning! The winner will be chosen at random in February and the prize will be sent to you in the post. Please email me if you have any questions regarding the giveaway :) x