Thursday, 12 February 2015

Dutch life!

Spending another weekend in Amsterdam was absolute bliss. Strolling around the streets and canals, people watching and best of all Dutch pancakes! It was pretty cold when we arrived as it had been snowing the night before but it didn't dampen our spirits! There are so much more to Amsterdam than the red light district, bars and coffee shops!

We finally got to the fossil shop Stenelux on a Saturday this time and bagged ourselves a couple of pieces. The shop is filled to the brim with fossils, crystals, stones and specimens including butterflies, beetles and praying mantis etc. The collection at the shop is just beautiful and it was pretty difficult to pick just a few!

The nine streets are amazing for shopping and relaxing. The cafes and eateries are cute and cozy and the boutiques have all the fashion and accessories one can ever wish for. The Pancakes! cafe in the nine streets is perfect for a little break from all the walking around the city. They serve crepes as well as poffertjes!

The markets are also great for browsing and munching. The Albert Cuyp market was in full swing on Saturday; stalls filled with cheese, flowers, food etc i think its great if you like to browse and taste some local produce!

One of the best cookies I've ever had was at the Van Stapele Koekmakeji. They only sell one type of cookie at this shop, they are freshly made daily and the chocolate cookie has a soft white chocolate centre! Don't forget to check out the little wooden train model in their shop window! its super cute!

We also took the train to Zaanse Schans for the windmills and cheese factory. There is a cocoa factory in the area so the air is filled with the smell of chocolate! They do serve hot chocolate in the cafes as well. In this area they also have a clog workshop and other souvenirs available. Although its quite touristy, I think the 15-20 minute train journey from Amseterdam city centre is definitely worthwhile.

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